My Heart Behind the New Brand


Mar 5, 2021

It has been such a joy sharing the new brand with all of you over the pat few days. I love that we have such a sweet village full of people we love who we’ve met or just know via social media that are excited about what’s to come with this new venture for us!

We’ve been photographing weddings for 10 years now. Weddings have been our main focus and while we’re not giving weddings up, my heart has been pulling me towards artful images of mothers and families.

There’s something about photographing weddings – maybe it’s the father/daughter, mother/son dances. Maybe it’s the tearful parents as they watch their child with immense joy marry their partner. Maybe it’s the rush of the day, the laughter, the chaos, the happiness, that makes coming home, grabbing your baby from their crib and rocking them in a dark, quiet room feel like the greatest gift.

It’s in those moments when I want time to stand still. And those moments are what has lead me here, to the brand of Ivan & Louise Motherhood.

This brand is what I feel embodies my work as an artist. My passion lies in capturing your family (the whole family or just mama + the kids) simply, honestly, and organically by using gorgeous light, simple items, calming earth tones, and your presence. The purpose of this work is to give you the gift of savoring and preserving these little moments with your babies, the moments you’re worried you’ll forget in a season that is fleeting.

I’ve spent countless hours journaling, brainstorming, and simply being still, knowing that this passion project’s purpose and tools would come to fruition and I wanted to share with you what makes this brand different. 

First of all, the return of photographing on film! I shot and developed film in high school and we used film for weddings a few years ago, too. The hustle and bustle of life makes film difficult to use. But that’s one of the most important thing to me with these sessions – slowing down, savoring the quiet, preserving the mundane – and it’s done beautifully on film. With digital, it’s easy to snap 10 times just for one moment, but the reality is that those 10 images are not necessary. Film truly makes room for slowing down and capturing that quick, fleeting moment and it gives me a sense of creativity that I’ve been yearning for in my work. 

Sessions are offered at one of two locations and at one of two times, my sunroom studio in the morning or a local farm close to sunset. The sunroom studio is East facing and has the most gorgeous morning light. Outdoor sessions in the evening before an Indiana sunset are pure magic.

When it comes to what to wear, the goal is to be simple and aesthetically pleasing. You are welcome to the studio wardrobe or I’m happy to help you collect items in whites, creams, neutrals, and calming tones to establish a simple collection of items for your whole family.  This color palette, mixed with beautiful light and tender moments is what truly inspires me. The purpose of a session rich in texture and layers of emotion + a simple, neutral palette means a distraction-free look to your images so you’re drawn visually to the love you share, and the joy that fills your home captured in beautiful light. This will ensure your photographs are cherished pieces of art for your walls.

Thank you for being here and trusting my vision. I look forward to preserving sweet memories for your family and outfitting your home with gorgeous prices of family art. 

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