Working with Emily

If you're a parent yearning for photos of the deep connection you share with your family, photos that truly encapsulate who your family is, your kids' personalities, and your favorite things about this season of life, these sessions are for you. Your images will be emotional, joyful, and raw. Our time together will become a special memory for your family.

Most of my families choose to do photos in and around their home and/or in your favorite places! Whether the park down the street is special to you, you spend a lot of time in your backyard together, or love making pancakes together on Sunday morning - if it's special to you, let's make it a part of the session!

If you're ready for photos full of laughter, silly faces, snuggles, and the beautiful mess of parenthood + your everyday life, let's get a session on the books!


Your family's photographs will be passed down for generations to come (which is incredible to think about). I want to create simple and beautiful images despite the current trends providing timeless imagery of your legacy. Trends will come and go, but this season of life is fleeting and your children, future grandchild, and generations to come will appreciate the stories we'll tell together - your family & my camera. 


I want you to have an experience that allows you to feel relaxed, excited, and fully present during our time together. 

I focus on the relationships and connections you share with one another and the richness of your moments together. Think about those memories you have from childhood - the ones that if you think for just a moment, you can almost feel like you're there. That's what I'm here to capture for you. 

When I create an experience that lends itself to everyone feeling comfortable and your trust is in me, we will create some beautiful, magical memories for your family.


I have three small children of my own (4, 3, and almost 1), so I promise you I've seen it all. With my experience with my own children, teaching kindergarten, and photographing families for years, I have the knowledge, understanding, and experience to document this time for you - despite tantrums, hungry babies, and sibling arguments. 

A huge piece of your session's success will actually happen before the session with some simple preparation I'll walk you through in my client guide!


You're aching for dreamy photos of your family - all the love and all the crazy!

The idea of true art to hang on your walls as memories makes you just giddy thinking about it.

You're wanting a couple smiling shots but mostly you want the raw, real, beautiful moments that remind you why you put in the hard work of being a parent every day.

You adore the little dimple your daughter has when she laughs hard enough, the way the baby tucks their head just beneath your chin when they can no longer stay awake, the way your toddler rubs their lovey to sleep, and a million more tiny moments that make your heart swell.

You just want to be present and enjoy your babies while I snap away. But, you also like some direction (I'll make you look great, promise!)

Managing your kids, asking them to keep listening or smiling isn't your cup of tea. You'd rather me take care of that!

If you're in the Indianapolis area (or heck, even if you're not!) and are wanting images like the ones you see here and I've described above + can check off a few of the boxes below, I think you'd be a a great fit for a lifestyle session with me!

These sessions are for you if?



This is an investment in your legacy. It's about creating memories that will last a lifetime. If you're interested in working together, taking a day to devote to being present with your family, and having lots of fun along the way, you can review my current offerings at the link below.